Top Patient Experience Challenges: Creating Actionable Change

Over the last year healthcare started to see glimmers of hope coming out of the pandemic. Margins began to go up and new solutions like AI promised exciting innovation. Still the industry is seeing a decline in patient experience scores- but where should you focus to have the biggest impact and make the most of limited resources.

Feedtrail’s recent report "Top Patient Experience Challenges of 2023," analyzed over 2 million patient surveys to understand exactly where and why patients were experiencing challenges. Hear our expert roundtable discuss the findings and highlight opportunity areas to improve patient engagement, experience scores, and quality outcomes.

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Webinar Overview

Our experts will cover: 

  • Experience areas that received the most subpar ratings from patients in 2023
  • The importance of segmentation in understanding how different populations are experiencing your organization
  • How feedback differed among organization types, like community health and physician practices
  • Key strategies for using the report’s findings to drive actionable change at your organization
  • And more! 
Top 2023 Patient Experience Challenges

Meet the Experts

Paul Jaglowski

Chief Strategy Officer, Feedtrail

Deb Woods

Chief Operating Officer, Feedtrail

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