The Care Necessities:
A Simple Guide to Elevating Patient Experience

The Care Necessities: A Simple Guide to Elevating Patient Experience

Understanding the patient experience is at the root of delivering high-quality, compassionate care. But knowing exactly how individuals perceive their care-related interactions is easier said than done.

In this eBook, we dive into everything you need to know to establish a buttoned-up, forward-thinking patient experience programand how to select the right experience management platform to reach your objectives. We also expand on how to select the right innovations that will support every aspect of your initiatives, ways to make sure your efforts uplift all patients, and how reinforcing workforce resilience relates to building better patient experience improvement efforts.

Creating winning patient experience programs doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll need a multi-angled approach that prioritizes continuous engagement, convenient survey administration modes, streamlined care team workflows, and customizable PX tools.

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Download this eBook to learn how to:

  • Use valuable information to enhance the patient experience to boost satisfaction and loyalty
  • Segment your patient data to pinpoint the exact challenges individuals face and how to effectively intervene to address them
  • Choose the right experience management technology that enables gleaning deeper insights and cultivates more convenience for patients 

What's Inside

Level up your patient experience efforts by exploring how to effectively advance your improvement initiatives. Explore how your healthcare organization can: 

  • Leverage advanced patient experience analytics to support individuals from marginalized communities through their care journeys.

  • Support patients beyond the bedside by extending care support before and after visits.

  • Be prepared for experience management technology vendor demos with probing questions sure to narrow down your options.

The Care Necessities: A Simple Guide to Elevating Patient Experience

Table of Contents

Care for a glimpse before you download this report? Here’s an overview of each section. 

The Current and Future State of Patient Experience

Learn about what defines the patient experience and how individuals’ perceptions of care are evolving.

Assessing and Satisfying Your Patient Experience Needs

Discover how to identify the challenges to a positive patient experience at your organization and how to effectively address them.

Surveys 2.0: Enhancing Patient Experience in Real Time

Explore which survey administration modes can most effectively collect patient experience data and how real-time insights change the game for rapid service recovery.

How to Manage Patient Experience Across the Care Journey

Get an in-depth look at all the touchpoints you must examine and improve to elevate the patient experience.

Finding a Patient Experience Platform That’s Perfect for You

Arm yourself with everything you need to know to choose the right platform to advance your patient experience improvement initiatives.

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