UPDATE: The Clinician Retention Workgroup concluded and found a focused effort to share patient kudos with clinicians in real time improved clinician connection to their purpose and likelihood to remain in their profession. Access the findings here.




Clinician Retention


Struggling to connect patient experience data to clinician retention at your organization? Join us as we prove the ROI of patient gratitude.

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The Problem

As provider organizations grapple with a burnout-driven staffing crisis, health systems are seeking novel tools and strategies to support clinician retention.

Healthcare market research firm, GreenRobe, spent six months studying this topic, and their findings point to a surprising insight: sharing positive patient comments in real-time is an untapped opportunity to battle clinician burnout and support retention.

The Opportunity

This Fall Cedars Sinai, Texas Tech Physician Group,  First Health, and Huntington Hospital will be leading the Clinician Retention Workgroup, designed to further prove the ROI of sharing patient gratitude. The healthcare experience teams will seek to improve retention by sharing patient gratitude directly with clinicians in a real-time and automated fashion. Our larger goal: to prove that experience data can positively impact critical health system KPIs like retention versus simply checking another regulatory box.

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Participants Receive

- Heavily discounted access to Feedtrail’s Clinician Retention Module, with no IT integration required
- Simple, three question baseline survey deployed electronically across clinician participants 
- Simple, two question survey deployed to patients via text or email on same day as clinician interaction
- 60 day pulse surveys to show progress against baseline as kudos are shared on a regular, timely basis
- Monthly workgroup sessions to share learnings, progress, and other recognition best practices (outside of kudos) from health system peers
- Dedicated Project Lead for each participating organization provided by Feedtrail
- Communication templates and survey questions already built and validated at real-world sites
- Deep dives into the characteristics and practices of high-kudos earning clinicians, to be diffused across participants
- Individual site review of impact on clinician burnout and turnover

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Answer yes to any of these questions, and the Workgroup is a fit:

- Is your organization struggling with clinician burnout and turnover?
- Are your PX teams finding it tough to connect survey results to clinician turnover? 
- Are you struggling to get enough positive patient feedback?
- Do you know how much positive feedback your clinicians need to boost morale?
- Do you know which clinician behaviors lead to patient kudos?
- Struggling with tight budgets?