Medication Affordability and Access

Access this insightful discussion that delves into the pressing issue of medication affordability and access. Learn how healthcare organizations can achieve lower medication costs, increase patient satisfaction, and ultimately improve quality outcomes while boosting pharmacy revenue and reducing administrative burdens.

Learn more about our partner RxLink and gain valuable insights into navigating the medication affordability crisis.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar

Webinar Overview

Our experts cover: 

  • The impact of the medication affordability crisis with insights from a physician
  • Steps to ensure that patients are able to access their medications conveniently and affordably
  • How healthcare organizations can leverage technology and innovative strategies to improve medication affordability and access for patients, particularly those facing financial constraints
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Meet the Experts

J.B. Powell

Strategic Partnerships, RxLink

Amir H. Barzin, DO, MS

Physician Advisor, UNC Health

Paul Jaglowski

Chief Strategy Officer, Feedtrail

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