Healthcare Employee Experience Year in Review: Top Challenges in 2023

Feedtrail’s Healthcare Employee Experience Year in Review: Top Challenges in 2023 report dives into the year’s 10 standout challenges to improving the workforce experience nationwide that organization leaders can harness to build more resilient teams. 

Healthcare Employee Experience Year in Review: Top Challenges in 2023Highlighting the most widely reported healthcare workforce obstacles that have emerged around support, reward, growth, and harmony, Feedtrail’s advanced AI platform analyzed over 4,000 employee surveys to pinpoint measures that received the most subpar ratings for 2023 by organization type — simultaneously making actionable recommendations for moving the needle toward better EX. 

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Report Overview

The XM Platform analyzed over 4,000 employee experience responses across multiple organizations — from large health systems to physician practices to community health centers — to assess the precise obstacles healthcare workers faced in 2023.

In this report, we break down what medical professionals reported as their top 10 challenges in 2023, then segment this data by organization type and give you a distinct reading of the workforce experience with the average employee net promoter score (eNPS) from across the healthcare industry.

This study highlights anonymous healthcare employee comments derived from each category of measures, helping peel back the curtain about the “why” behind scores and give providers a better idea of how these responses connect to real experiences.

Grouping stand-out issues by support, reward, growth, and harmony, this report can help leaders get a better pulse of the employee experience, implement better support systems to build resilience, and establish more rewarding work environments that support sustainable staff levels. 

EX Report: Look Back at 2023
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