Engaging Your Patients: Pre, During, and Post Encounter

Patient engagement pre during and post encounter ebookThe patient experience doesn’t just happen at the bedside. It begins well before appointments when people search for the right provider and extends to the at-home care setting. That’s why innovative healthcare organizations are going beyond post-discharge surveys to engage patients throughout their care journeys.

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  • Engage patients before their visits to set expectations, ensure they’re prepared, and ease anxiety 
  • Reach out to patients during visits to collect feedback in real time and give your care teams the right insights to react appropriately 
  • Build patient loyalty and reinforce care plan adherence after discharge with helpful reminders and education resources 

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What's Inside

Unlock new levels of patient experience by understanding multi-faceted care journeys and the best tools for supporting every step along the way. Discover how Feedtrail can help your healthcare organization:

  • Drive patient satisfaction before visits with features like pre-surgery check-ins and automated appointment reminders.

  • Support patient engagement during visits with real-time digital surveys that collect patient feedback at every touchpoint — from when they enter the door to when they’re getting ready to exit the hospital.

  • Better retain patients with post-discharge virtual care assistance and adaptive continuous listening tools.  

Patient engagement pre during and post encounter ebook

Table of Contents

Want a sneak peek before you click the “Download” button? Here’s an overview of each section.

Pre-Visit: Set expectations

A patient’s journey with your organization begins long before they see a doctor or even check-in for their appointment. This represents an opportunity that healthcare organizations would be smart to take advantage of.

During: Manage expectations

Every healthcare organization sends its patients post-discharge satisfaction surveys, but if you are not intentionally engaging with and learning from patients while they are physically within the walls of your organization, you are missing a massive opportunity to ensure a consistently positive patient experience.

Post: Exceed expectations and foster loyalty

With Feedtrail, post-experience engagement can cover a range of interactions and topics, helping you go beyond just understanding “what happened” to nurturing relationships with each individual patient. 

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